Philosophy of Care

The Home places great emphasis on the residents individuality and personality.  Clients are encouraged to take a positive attitude towards their abilities and are encouraged to continue with their present skills and, where possible, learn new ones. The Home is totally committed to a high quality service to their clients and undertakes full Care Planning and Key Working.

Care levels are of the highest standards, with the clients enjoying a "Charter of Rights

The Management of the Home are completely dedicated to a policy of continuing improvement in all operational areas.  To this end staff skills and training is given a high priority, with a formal induction programme, in-house training sessions, external study courses and the NVQ process.

The Home is equipped to meet all the requirements of a modern residential home and offers the highest standards of personalised care to the residents.  The Home has achieved an excellent reputation with local practitioners.  Much of the business received by the Home is as a direct result of the many recommendations based on excellent service.

“My Mother had dementia when she moved into Inwood, She is very happy there and the management and staff always take a personal interest in tending to her needs”